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  • "Hi Holly, just got my little kimono, white coat and bag. Thank you. I love them! happy new year!! filipa"

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About Us

Here's some random blatherings about where I am coming from :)

Thinking Positively :)



I have loved dolls ever since I was a little girl and as such I have learned that dolls can be remarkable, life enhancing tools for both adults and children in the following ways:

- Bringing together friends (and families), both in cyberspace and real life.

- As a creative outlet by means of imaginary play, storytelling, crafting, customizing of dolls, photography, miniature dressmaking, fashion design and as an artistic muse (this is by no means a definitive list!).

- As a relaxing, therapeutic aid, grooming and fussing over our dolls is relaxing as is talking to them.

- Dolls can even be used to raise awareness of important social issues for instance; the 'Dolls Speak Out' group on Flickr or The Homeless Sims3 project 'Alice and Kev' (yes I do classify The Sims as dolls).  There are also many small scale, localised charity projects started by doll lovers and crafters everywhere.

- The collection and restoration of pre-loved and vintage dolls is also environmentally friendly as is using recycled junk to clothe and house them.

In conclusion, dolls can inspire genuine joy and creativity when enjoyed properly, and this site is for anyone who wants to share their life of dolls with likeminded others in a constructive and enjoyable way.  Any passion is empty unless it benefits us, our relationships and the wider community.

When Good Doll Fans Turn Bad :(



As is the way with most things, there is generally a flip side to anything good and I've probably been guilty of indulging all of them at one time or another! 

Here's a few slip-ups I would rather not repeat.  I'm sharing these concerns here as much for my own benefit as anything simply because I want to be honest and make this a positive and enjoyable place:

- Slipping into a consumerist frenzy! 

Many serious doll fans go through a patch of forgetting why it is they love their dolls so much in the first place.  I love my dolls because they're so much fun to play with!  This sounds obvious but can easily be overlooked.  It's all too easy for the focus to shift onto being over concerned with the size and desirability of our collection.  If your spending very little time enjoying the dolls you have, while wasting huge swathes of time desiring the dolls that you don't have you're on a slippery slope, my friend!  It may be time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Seriously this can QUICKLY rob you of your dolly joy!

- The next point is related to the first, buying an excessive quantity of shiny new dollies is not great for the environment, also it is worth considering the working conditions of the people employed in the toymaking factories which are not always above reproach.  I'm not saying never buy new dollies, only perhaps to do it mindfully and with a certain amount of restraint!

- Again, a related point, but can you even afford to buy endless dolls?

- Finally (you'll be relieved to hear), dolls are useful for escapism.  Whether your doll of choice be a physical, 3 dimensional dolls or a virtual dolls in games such as 'The Sims' or dress-up games.  Escapism can be a wonderful thing for helping us deal with the everyday stresses and strains of life, but it is easy to become an addict and try to avoid thinking about real life alltogether which isn't really helpful or healthy.

Legal blurb.

While the name of the store and the website is 'The Thinking Doll' I am a sole trader trading under the name of Holly Featherstone.

I have no affiliation with any doll manufacturer.