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Posted on August 30, 2010 at 5:54 AM

Our nearest Smyths Toyshop now have Moxie Teenz in stock.

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Initially I thought the Moxie Teenz look very similar to Liv dolls, they have the same glassy eyes and you can swap the wigs on all dolls.  On closer inspection I discovered that indeed they are very similar in appearance to the Liv dolls, but they are markedly larger at about 14 inches tall. 

Several outfits were also available in the store which were priced at about £10 each, though at this size sewing for them might be fairly achievable for many of you talented crafy folk :)

The presence of the outfits was a reassuring sign, as sometimes when a new fashion doll is released they seem to withhold releasing any outfit sets in case the dolls don't sell, which seems slightly back to front as some people would probably be put off thinking they won't be able to get hold of clothes that fit!  But hey ho!

The Moxie Teenz are rather pretty in my opinion, but as I haven't had chance to get my actual grubby mitts on one, I can't comment on the build quality yet.

I don't know whether there has been any copying going on between Moxie's manufactureres, MGA, and Liv's manufacturers, Spin Master.  I actually suspect that it's more likely that the manufacturers of playline dolls have simply been observing what the adult doll collectors are buying and emulating that.  I for one am happy about this as the originality in design and type is now far more varied and imaginative than the all time low we experienced in the early 90s with the glut of non-engaging and predictably pink fashion dolls on the market!

This emulation of the collector doll market has happened more and more as time has gone on; Beauty Cutie shared common ground with Blythe, Monster High is an equivalent doll of Bleeding Edge goths and Living Dead dolls (albeit a friendlier version, lol!), and now Moxie Teenz and Liv dolls are echoing the BJD.

Go girls!

BTW, If any readers get a Moxie Teenz I hope you'll reply and perhaps send us some piccies :)

Holly x

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