Some Tangkou Doll Comparisons and Info

Posted on November 16, 2012 at 5:45 AM

I have been asked recently for more info n Tangkou dolls so here's a bit of info and comparison pics...

First of all, Liv and Barbie clothes are a good fit for Tangkou.  Barbie shoes will not fit, however, but Liv ones mostly will.  Careful with boots though, if they're tricky to get on and off sometimes Tangkou's foot can pop off inside the boot :o

As you can see the proportions of Tangkou and Liv are very similar...

Okay, hair...

Italia, England, China and Audrey Hepburn all have rooted hair like Blythe.  Italia and England sometimes have slightly wonky fringes though ;D.  China had lovely soft hair and there is lots of it, they also have scented hair!  

There is a problem with Audrey's hair in that it is only rooted around the edges but she is bald in the middle!  So long as she has her hair up this is okay but limits styling options :(

Hair up :)

Hair down :(

Aussie and France have faux fur wigs, I have heard they are easy to remove but haven't tried myself yet (though I do have an Aussie on the way!)

Vampire, Loli and the upcoming Grace all have removable wigs.  The wigs have elasticated caps so are easy to put on and remove and stay in place well.

Loli and Vampire without their wigs!

Loli's wig (which is lovely!)

All of the dolls so far as I know, have the same eye colours (she has 4 colour change eyes like Blythe).  Bit they are operated with a button rather than a pullstring.  The mech can jam from time to time though.  If it jams a good tip is to close the sleep eyelids and then operate the colour change eye mechanism :)

Eye colours are - smoky purple, silver grey, smoky grey and green.

Eye mech controls... press the heart shaped button to change eye colour, the switch operates the sleep eye mech which can be locked in place to keep her eyes shut.

Due to the ability of Tangkou to keep her eyes closed 6th Sense have decided to prettily decorate the eyelids of each girl - here are some comparisons...

The gang...

Vampire's red strawberries

Loli's blue strawberries

Italia's criss cross

China's bows

Audrey also has blue strawberries.

The makeup for Italia, England, France and Aussie is the same I think with pink lips, pink blush, purple eye makeup and no eyebrows.

China is similar but has pink eyeshadow.

Vampire has unique makeup... with the addition of fangs, eyeliner and eyebrows plus fuller lips...

Loli and Audrey have the same style of makeup but Loli's is nuder and Audrey's is purpler.  Both have eyebrows and eyeliner.  The promo pics of the new Grace doll shoe makeup similar to these two girls...

I hope these are helpful, please contact me with more specific requests for info and photos :) my girls LOVE to be the centre of attention ;D

Holly x

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Reply Doll~Lover
10:36 AM on December 6, 2012 
I think I want tangkou doll..
Which is better, Loli or Audre?
Reply The Thinking Doll
4:01 AM on December 7, 2012 
Doll~Lover says...
I think I want tangkou doll..
Which is better, Loli or Audre?

I prefer Loli, her makeup is a little more subtle and she has the removable wig so you can change her look, and her hair is lovely! Also I found Audrey's rooting pattern very disappointing. They're both lovely girls though :)
Reply julie harries
10:02 PM on December 31, 2012 
I received 3 Tangkous' for x-mas- Loli, Audrey & Vampire & I already had England but I swear to y'all it took me almost 3 hours to get the girls out of boxes (not too bad)- just trying to keep Lolli's (wont let me spell it w/one "L".) feet & socks on while I try to re-tie her lace-around shoes; try to get wig right w/o covering her eyes- holding both sides of hair back off face while I try to tie-on her headband. By then her shoes got pulled off & I had to wrestle that alligator again! Turning her back up I had to reposition her wig & get headband tied back on. During all this she somehow got slot-machine eyes & I thought I was going to have to open her head & try to fix eyes! Bad mechanism & I finally just kept her eyes shut because I couldn't take her staring at me & judging me wondering how many curse words she was gonna have to listen to! This all happened before I could even think about putting her on her stand- which reminds me how the lil C brace that goes on the end of pole to hold her in position was super tight & wouldn't budge down at all & the position it was in was even w/lower part of head. I had to get out my whittling tools to shave down the post so C-brace could be even at right below armpits. Her whole body & joints were a little loose & when I put her on stand (finally) she was like a ragdoll & refused my orders to stand straight up and ignore the fact both lace-around shoes had pulled off & her wig had gotten pulled down & you couldn't see her upper face. Where did that headband go? D*mnit Lolli, stop staring! How did your eyes open? Oh man!....Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!! COMING SOON- DE-BOXING & WELCOMING VAMPIRE & AUDREY. ;/ I LOVE TANGKOU GIRLS!!!
Reply The Thinking Doll
4:37 AM on January 12, 2013 
julie harries says...
I received 3 Tangkous' for x-mas-

Oh my gosh, I thought my Loli was cheeky but yours sounds like a complete rebel! You have to admit these girls do have a mind of their own, lol!
Reply Ginny
5:07 PM on December 19, 2013 
Do the Tangkou dolls all have the same face mold? Vampire seems to have fuller lips, as you mentioned. But I'm wondering about the others.